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Condolences / Sandra (Visitor)

I don't know you guys but I feel your pain. Praying that justice will be served.

Be strong and may you find comfort and strength in the Lord.  Treasure the moments you spent with your beautiful angel... till you meet again

RE: In HIS Time  / Joseph Chikowero (None)  Read >>
RE: In HIS Time  / Joseph Chikowero (None)

As a father blessed enough to have a daughter myself, I can't imagine how you are dealing with this. While we wait for the justice to take its course, may the good Lord Jesus Christ in his time heal your hearts.

Keep the faith. Amen.

little angel  / Charmaine Langton (none)  Read >>
little angel  / Charmaine Langton (none)
one can never understand what this world is coming to.although i may not be able to understand ur pain, i can imagine what u r going thru.i hope and pray that justice will be served and that the memories u have of ur little angel give u the strength to go on. Close
hope / Degas Bhunu   Read >>
hope / Degas Bhunu
just give up hope on whatever is too heavy or difficult for you to achieve in life but finding this killer Just dont give up ,even if heavens take you today and the Lord asks you to forget Just dont give up .We will be with you and keep our eyes open to make sure that this monster is found and is made sure to face justice.I also call upon everyone who reads this to work hard in finding this criminal.Let him face justice and make him feel the pain. I say so coz i have a daughter of Dumos age Close
When an Angel leaves a scar: Someday we will win  / Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga (Not any )  Read >>
When an Angel leaves a scar: Someday we will win  / Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga (Not any )

BakoMhlanga, I wish to add our voices to this tablet of condolences. Ngisithi kubuhlungu. When little angels are meant to live with us forever, it pains any normal being to note that they they pass on through such painful ways.

Is this possibly a sign that we do not belong in this world, or it is a sign that the world beyond is a world of love, happiness and joy? I pray for the latter, given that the one who has passed on is an angel. May it dawn in your hearts as parents that this moment of grief is not yours alone, some day we will win.

Imikhuleko, lezifiso kunye leziloyiso zethu kumilani kuzebe lanini. Sengathi inhliziyo zenu zingathola ukuphumula ngokwamukela ubuqotho bempilo zethu kulo umhlaba ohlabayo. Sengathi lingakuthola ukwamukela ubunzima balo umhlaba, lithole lokuthula ezinhliziyweni zenu.

Simi lani zihlobo.

Mhlanga & Family

Missing you always  / Sindi Mhlanga (mum)  Read >>
Missing you always  / Sindi Mhlanga (mum)
My pain, my grief is made more acute at such times as today.  Honey, today is about Chirst being born, about embracing the love that God gave to us when He gave us His only begotten Son.  Again Christmas is a time to spend with dearly loved, family.  It is at this point that I feel so alone and lost Dumo, when I wish you were here with me, so i could shower you with all my love, cause I am your mum and love you very much.  Time and again I am reminded that that you are in a better place, especially at this point in time, spending Christmas with Christ Himself, but what mum wouldnt want to spend time with their cherished kids.

I love you Dumo, and everyday that goes by I am acutely reminded of just how much I love you and will always miss you and only wish you were here.  Close
So very sad  / Melinda Coetzer (Visitor)  Read >>
So very sad  / Melinda Coetzer (Visitor)

May God give you the strength for each new day.  Don't be sad - you are never alone.  God will always be there to comfort you each step of the way - until you meet your baby in heaven again - were there is no sadness, no loss and no pain.
God Bless...

My beautiful rose  / Sindi Mhlanga (Mum)  Read >>
My beautiful rose  / Sindi Mhlanga (Mum)


the 3rd of June will always be engraved in my heart, as the day in which the Lord blessed me with you in 1998.  Today the same day as you would have turned 9 on this earth, i am reminded of the time I held you in my arms for the very first time at Mater Dei Hospital and called you my very own.  What a beautiful baby you were.  I fell in love instantly and you was all i ever wanted.  Now that the good Lord has got you back from this wicked world, I just want to tell you how much I love you mntanami.  I did not get to spend as much time with you and do the things that mothers do with their daughters, but I sure know that I loved and will always love you.  I also know that your spirit will never leave me, as I still talk with you and tell you how silly mummy is, especially when I cry myself to sleep.  Mummy did always say to you 'Big girls dont cry' when you fell or hurt yourself, i wish i  could half believe that now, little one.  My pain goes deep and I feel the loss with each year that passes by as I am left to imagine what you would have grown up to be.  Love you ntwana and will alway do.  Miss you a lot and just want you here with me.

My beautiful angel  / Sindi Mhlanga (mum)  Read >>
My beautiful angel  / Sindi Mhlanga (mum)

I may not be able to see you physically, my little angel, but I know you are always here with me. I talk with you all the time, and just wish for a miracle, that you may come back if only for a short while so you can say goodbye to me.  I love you Dumo and will always love you... I am lost without you here, and there is not a single moment that goes by without me thinking of you.  How you loved hugging me and tell me you love me twice over.  It was only for a short while that you were with me, but I am sure the Mighty Lord had a purpose for it all.  He had a purpose with your life and I am sure, after touching so many hearts with your love and free spirit, the Lord decided that He had a far more special purpose for you. Each day is painful for me, I sometimes think that the pain will engulf me and just take me away,  I have prayed that the Lord end my misery but I suppose He is yet to reveal his purpose with my life. The Lord knows why you had to go Dumo, I may never know but what I know is that it is painful to live each day with the knowledge that I will never see you in flesh ever again.   My physical side is weak, I wish the Lord with end my misery and take me away from this painful world, but I suppose I still have some work to do on this earth before I can be with you, for spiritually I know you are in the Lord's arms, and that He is taking better care of you, than I ever could on this earth.  I suppose this thought lessens the pains but it does not take it away.

I love you Dumo and will always love you my angel.  To me you shine above all else and I know you make a beautiful angel up there.  Shine on baby mummy will always love you!! 

I miss you a lot


God is in control  / Blessed Nkomo (family friend )  Read >>
God is in control  / Blessed Nkomo (family friend )

I am sorry about the loss of your loved one.It wasn't God's plan to hurt you by taking your angel in such a tragic way. As you know we are fighting a battle with satan we need to be strong and fight all the way. Never think you are alone we are with you in prayers. I hope you get strongly attached to god all the time. He'll comfort you in times of need. Just reach out to him in prayers as he's always there.

in loving memory of Dumo

What a tragic loss  / Kay Crawford (Visitor)  Read >>
What a tragic loss  / Kay Crawford (Visitor)
I am so sorry to read of your loss of your daughter at such a young age. I lost my oldest son Joshua Delaney in June of 2005. I will never get over it as I know any parent will not.  She was a beautiful girl. I just wanted to say I know your pain and only God will help us all through this grief. Close
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