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Christmas 2008  / Sindi Mhlanga (mum)

Madawu, my baby, I approach another Christmas  with a heavy heart mntanami.  I know Christmas is about Christ,  it is to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, and in that respect I do love Christmas.  But again, it is a time of love,  being with those whom you dearly love, and a time of giving.  I find I struggle to get through with this time as you are not here, Dumo, so we can spend time together my baby. So I can shower you with motherly love as it should be and see your beautiful smile and selfless being again.

Am sure it is a glorious day up there today, with all the angels singing and giving praise to Christ.


Miss you my baby always


All my love always


HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Sindi (mummy)  Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  / Sindi (mummy)

My beautiful baby girl, its your 10th birthday today.  I am only left to imagine what you would have grown up to be.  It hurts, and will always hurt, no matter how hard I try.  Happy birthday little one, I bet the angels throw a better party than mummy could ever imagine possible.  Am sure you are walking in a beautiful garden, hand in hand with Christ Himself.  Happy birthday honey! xxxx

SHE WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR ANGEL  / Luwiza Mushandu (family friend )  Read >>
SHE WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR ANGEL  / Luwiza Mushandu (family friend )
deepest condolonces  / Ntando Sigwazi (aunt s friend )  Read >>
deepest condolonces  / Ntando Sigwazi (aunt s friend )
yesterday l picked a paper and l read the story of dumo ,a story l had heard before n one that had touched me very deeply.l grew up in gwabalanda b4 l moved to uk n one of dum s aunties went to school with day in 2004 l had gone to visit my friend when l met dumol on a visit to her grandparents l can stil remember her smile and those pretty braids she had on her hair. l had never seen a child more full of life than her running around the whole house and demanding postcards of zimbabwe to show to her teacher and classmates.l only met her for a few hours but l can stil picture that dumo s family esp her parents no one can understand the pain n emptiness u go through everyday but we all have you in our prayers and hopefully justice wil sumdae prevail just trust in the ntando(lolo s friend) Close
Shine Dumol, shine on high  / Lilian Mbanga-Magaya (Fellow Zimbo )  Read >>
Shine Dumol, shine on high  / Lilian Mbanga-Magaya (Fellow Zimbo )

To Dumol's parents, I hope these words will comfort you:

"Let children come to Me and do not forbid; for of such is the kingdom of Heaven".

Matthew 19: 13-14

Dumo / Siqansile Ndlovu   Read >>
Dumo / Siqansile Ndlovu
Sindi ngiyakuzwela mntakwethu.  Ubuhlungu engibuzwayo khathesi bukhulu.  Kodwa yazi ukuthi unkulunkulu nguye umphindiseli omkhulu.  What an angel she was.  May her soul rest in peace.  LALA NGOKUTHULA DUMO. Close
mr / Alfred Sibanda (fellow zimbo )  Read >>
mr / Alfred Sibanda (fellow zimbo )
may god send the holy spirit to comfort you,it's really sad to lose your beloved one.lala  ngoku thula ntombenhle dumo Close
Zorora murugare.  / Farry Chafesuka (visito)  Read >>
Zorora murugare.  / Farry Chafesuka (visito)
Though i have never known you but just being a mother to two children i really feel for you. Rest in peace Dumo and just hope and pray you are playing with the little angels up there. You are still muumy's little princess. Rest in peace little angel. Close
ulale ngokuthula  / Nqabutho Sigogo Sibanda (uncle)  Read >>
ulale ngokuthula  / Nqabutho Sigogo Sibanda (uncle)

mr / Ryton Dzimiri (From same God )  Read >>
mr / Ryton Dzimiri (From same God )

God send his Holly spirit to the mother and father of the most loved daughter Dumoluhle. God send them peace and prosperity as they struggle to cope with the grief of waking up in the middle of the night to find that Dumo is not around.

God,the only one who knows what he will do with Dumo,make the parents understand that life does not end with death but that death is a temporary stance of human state after which Dumo will smile and run to meet Mum and Dad one day at Gods time and schedule.

God, not comforters.God, not councellors.God, not the police.God,not humans remind the parents of Dumo that he knew Dumo before Sindi"s greatest grand father was born and God knows Sindi"s greatest grand children.

Find peace in God Don. All humans have a doubting subconscious when it comes to God issues but l would advise you to sit alone and think deeply about your plans for year 2171. If you find that in that year, no legal advisor or closest friend or Sindi can help you plan for your breakfast on the cold morning of 27-05-2171, but only God has a plan for that morning. Mdawini you know what I am talking about.

My boy was born in 1997,and I dont want to imagine what I would do if I were put in your circumstances, but that does not stop me from recomending Gods own solution to you because it is the only reality that lasts for ever.

For Sithole, I would reserve my opinion because it might not be nice to say while still you are in pain. But listen and trust what God would say about him.

God provide a peacefull sleep for innocent beautifull Dumo, and the strenght to carry on for Sindi and Donald. amen


You are not alone in your pain  / Ruth Smith (Visitor)  Read >>
You are not alone in your pain  / Ruth Smith (Visitor)

To Domoluhle's  mum

l am realy sorry for the loss of your daughter may God be with you.


l was touched when l read your message to your daughter on  All l can say is they are some things in life that happen and we can not understand why they happen (Myserious) and it seems we will never know until we go to heaven.

l said exactly those same words when l lost my loved one about time being the healer.   Time makes you realise everyday what you don't have you wake up each morning to face that its true.

l lost my sister last year in July and it seems it was yesterday, she was part part of me and since she died l feel like they buried a big part of me, part of me died with her and every minute l think about her.l pray you will find your daughter's killer and will be brought to justice. be strong my dear am sure your daughter wouldn't want you to be in such pain all the time just know she's  is with the Almight.

God less























Little Angel  / Charlene Mbayiwa-Kawanza (Fellow Zim )  Read >>
Little Angel  / Charlene Mbayiwa-Kawanza (Fellow Zim )
So sadly departed. U will forever have that special place in my heart and will keep you there 4ever. Tragically taken away on my birthday, 26 October whilst in the prime of your life. So deeply touched. Sindi, I know it ain't easy but I will keep praying for you. Close
Angel / Charlene Mbayiwa-Kawanza (Fellow Zim )  Read >>
Angel / Charlene Mbayiwa-Kawanza (Fellow Zim )
Tho I never knew you but being a mum myself to my precious children, I feel it too. No one will ever take your place - there will only ever be one Dumo and that's you Mamma. Keep looking down on your folks give and them all the reason to be honoured at having being blessed with someone as wonderful as YOU!!  Fly high little Dove!!! Close
sorry for the loss of your daughter  / Hazelton Chirenda (fellow country man )  Read >>
sorry for the loss of your daughter  / Hazelton Chirenda (fellow country man )
Really sorry for the loss of your dear child hope the course of justice will prevail on the one who caused the pain in your life Close
Deepest sympathy  / Theo   Read >>
Deepest sympathy  / Theo
To the family of Dumol. I cant imagine how you must be feeling and all I can say is look to the Lord for comfort and peace as with him all things are possible. I am really sorry for your loss and I hope that the perpertrator of this crime will be brought to justice. Close
sorry / Noreen Lunga (fellow zimbo )  Read >>
sorry / Noreen Lunga (fellow zimbo )
i am really sorry about your daughter. I am so touched with this passing on your little princess because i have a daughter same age as Dumoluhle actually born a day after her on the 4th of june. I don't know what i would do as well if something like this happens to her. what i can say to you is please be strong for her and she is happy in the arms of the lord. Take care and god bless. Close
Sorry about your loss  / Mai Munhanga (fellow zimbo )  Read >>
Sorry about your loss  / Mai Munhanga (fellow zimbo )

So sorry about loosing your child. May you find solace in the fact that you had this little girl for a while. Hold onto the memories and always remember that kufa murawu waMwari. The Lord will give you the strength you need to pull through this

Sorry for your loss  / Daniel Ndebele (Fellow country man )  Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Daniel Ndebele (Fellow country man )

When I lost my mum I felt like asking God to stop the world for me to get off but I knew there were others who needed me most. Just hang on to those little memories you have of Dumol and you will get by a day at a time. Really sorry

sorry / Joe GAHADZA (NON E )  Read >>
sorry / Joe GAHADZA (NON E )
sorry for yo loss justice will be done never give up hope Close
so sorry about Dumo  / Djgaths Ndlovu (fellow country man )  Read >>
so sorry about Dumo  / Djgaths Ndlovu (fellow country man )

It's such a sad thing to happen to such a little girl and reading your story on newzimbabwe this morning really made me sad.It does not not eradicate the pain, but I hope you  find comfort in the fact that others think of you and share your grief for the loss of your loved one.May her innocent soul rest in peace and may justice catch up with her killer/s

God does look after his own, and may he continue to give you strength in  your hard day to day lives.


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