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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dumoluhle Sibanda who was born in Zimbabwe on June 03, 1998 and was tragically taken away from us on October 26, 2004 at the age of 6.Dumo will always be loved and missed by her family, especially her mum and dad.  To her family and friends she was known as Dumol.  What a wonderful girl, she always had a smile for everyone.  To me she was an angel and will always be my angel. She was a fun loving and sweet little girl.  She touched the hearts of all the people she came into contact with especially her family. Dumo was so full  of energy, loved gymnastic, swimming, dancing and tai kwondo and all sorts of games.  Dumo had a passion for school and enjoyed being amongst her friends and people who loved her.  Dumo is very sadly and greatly missed by her family especially her parents.  Will always be loved by everyone, especially her mum.  
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Time  / Sindi Mhlanga (mum)
When grief strikes, everyone says time is a great healer. Well I now know through the loss of my beautiful daughter, that time is no great healer for anything.My pain for your loss Dumo is just as great as it was that Tuesday morning nearly 3years ag...  Continue >>
14th anniversary πŸ˜₯   / Sindi Mhlanga (Mum)
Dumo, yet another anniversary of your passing, the pain/hurt is much the same, if not worse. Time counts for nothing, losing you changed a lot in me. I ask myself a lot of what ifs..... what might have been questions ...πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ. It still hurts knowin...  Continue >>
19th birthday πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰   / Sindi Mhlanga (Mother)
Giving birth to you was the most amazing thing, I held you, I breathed you in, your smell, your baby soft skin. Your birth awakened in me an intense feeling of love from my inner core. I cried when you passed away, I still cry today. Although I love...  Continue >>
Unconditional Love   / Nonsikelelo Sibanda (Sister)
Days,Months and Years have passed but I just cant forget your face..i still remember the last time i saw you was August had a place in my heart,you still have it and you will always have it...I will forever miss you..I hope you are looking ...  Continue >>
Greatly Missed   / Nonsikelelo Sibanda (Cousin)
I've met many people,liked a few and loved fewer but I've never loved someone like you..I miss u sis and I'l always love you
Gone 8 years today  / Sindi (mum)    Read >>
Silent Grief  / Sindi Mhlanga (Mummy)    Read >>
Hope / Sindi Mum (Mummy)    Read >>
message to Dumo's mum, l hope this comforts you  / Innocencia Sibanda     Read >>
Condolonces / Nozinhle B. Sibanda (nil)    Read >>
You are with the Angels  / Farai Chabata     Read >>
Miss / Pamela Mhlanga (Aunt)    Read >>
Your Beautiful Angel.  / Lucy Myers (Parent of schoolfriend. )    Read >>
uMnumzana. / NTOKOZO MLILO     Read >>
Time for Justice,  / Ryton Dzimiri (Same God )    Read >>
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